Welcome to Abandoned Australia! You've found this blog which means we have something in common, the love or abandoned places and urban exploration…This blog is a personal little project for myself for a bit of fun and also to help other explorers and photographers in finding new places to venture.

I* myself am a photographer and long time lover of graffiti and street art, which led me to my interest in urban exploring. As you will see from each post, I love taking photos and each spot will normally have a decent number of photos to showcase their grimy goodness.

I try and make this blog as informative and useful as possible, but there may be times where I get my facts about the history of the sites from somewhere which may not be 100% correct, so don' unleash on me if I am wrong. I also may chose to keep the names of locations secret due to either the fear of it being ruined, or by request of someone who has shared the location with me.

I live in Sydney, so majority of the locations will be NSW based, but I will attempt to explore our great country in search of abandoned goodness when time and money allows me to travel!

Each location is given a description and a run down of my expedition there, which may or may not take in all the sites of each location. I will describe each location as best as possible and give you as much information as I can so if you go there to explore, you will be well prepared and have a successful expedition. I also give each spot ratings/info:

WHAT: Which is exactly what it sounds, what the location is.

ACCESS: I give each location a rating on how hard it is to gain access to each site, LOW - MEDIUM - HIGH. I will most likely mention the method in which I gained access, but there may be multiple entries to a site, or if this is a site that someone has asked me not to disclose about the access, then I will not share.

SECURITY: Again measured with a LOW - MEDIUM - HIGH rating. This is a indication to the security or possibility of being caught on sight. It may be dogs, security guards, Police Patrols or even general public how sound the alarm.

INTEREST: A rating out of 10 based on how interesting the location is. These are an Australian comparison, I am not comparing these to overseas sites. I have been to Chernobyl and Beelitz and Spreepark and it isn't fair to compare them to places like that. So this rating is rating it against other Australian locations, not against other countries.

ALONE OR WITH A FRIEND: A simple guideline in my own opinion on whether it's safe to go alone, or if its safer to take a buddy or two along with you. These are my personal opinions and majority of the time I don't suggest going alone to places like this as most of the time they are unstable and can be dangerous.

DANGERS: A heads up incase there is anything you should keep an eye out for. Things like dodgy stairs, soggy floors, broken glass, unstable walls etc. Again I may not see all the dangers of each site so be careful and keep your eyes open.

Hopefully this blog help you discover some unknown abandoned and run down treasures, and if you find any or know of any that I haven't discovered yet, please contact me!


Shooting in Chernobyl…The ultimate abandoned location

Disclaimer – The person referred to as “I” in this post is not necessarily me, nor does “I” refer to anyone in particular, likewise with the word 'we'. I will not be held responsible it anyone ventures to these locations and gets in trouble or injured. These words may be a ramble of useless information and the photos found on a lost usb picked up in the gutter? Who knows?


Unknown said...

You blog is awesome bro !

Unknown said...

Just stumbled across your blog , absolutely amazing mate !!

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Great blog. I don't suppose you know if any old school petrol stations in Sydney?

Unknown said...

Love the blog.

I don't suppose you could add some sort of address, map or general location info to each place? On the gas works blog, for example, I couldn't see any reference to where the gas works actually are.

Anyway, great work and thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dont know if this is you, but I think someone may have just copy pasted your stuff on another site.


Oreo Urban Explorer said...

wonderful blog, really sparked my interest in urban explorarion

Anonymous said...

Hey mate, love yer work. Any suggestions in Vic to check out?
Cheers in advance.

Anonymous said...

can u pls inform me as to where this is ? shape4life@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...


ChrisMeredith said...

great blog. keep up the good work!

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Your work is absolutely amazing .

Sophia said...

Hey, I am doing a project for my HSC in art and I have chosen photography so if you can give me any tips and places in nsw of abandoned creepy houses, tracks, trains etc. that would help heaps!

moocowfish said...

Have you thought about going to the Queen Victoria Memorial hospital, Blue mountains ? Heard its pretty spooky :)

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Hey mate. An AWESOME new site is Reckitt and Coleman at Ermington. Huge site. Security leaves at 10PM
was there today...huge old building with 70s appeal. 1000s of people would have once worked here. Sad to see it derelict.

Unknown said...

Have you visited the Mount St. Mary’s Convent in Katoomba, lovely old building that has been closed for years and looking a little depressed but still interesting.

Unknown said...

Hey i'm new to the abandoned space thing could you inform me of a nice abandoned space in sydney with low security.

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This is a site for all the urban explorers and abandoned structure loving people out there. This is a place where I will share the places I have been to and seen with like minded folk. If there are any spots I haven't put up here and you think are worthy, drop me a line!

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