A Heritage Abandoned Cement Factory


I have been holding onto this post for over two years now, I visited here back in November 2014 and as it was actually Heritage listed (which I didn't know at the time) and was super clean and beautiful, I resisted the urge to post about it on here, but now it's fate is determined and it could actually be in the process of being torn down/redeveloped as I type this, so i thought it's time to share this one as it was a true beauty! And even though its in the hands of developers now, I will still not share its location or actual name so please don't ask. I am writing this as it was when i went there, so it is probably a lot different now, possibly partially torn down, a lot of the stuff inside is gone and security and access would be a different story now as well. The mines have started to be filled in and certain buildings are apparently being decommissioned/torn down, so don't bother going, there are workers on site pretty much 7 days a week (apparently).

My discovery of this place was a completely accident, I was looking at pubs to stop off on a boys motorbike trip and found a pub nearby, that turned out to be closed, but then i looked across the road and this place was sitting there, looking all sad and unexplored, so I planned a trip back, and it was worth the long ass drive.

It turns out that this delightful discovery was a 100 year old cement factory and lime quarry, that started operating in the 1890's and then ceased operations 100 years later in the 1990's. In it's prime it was considered one of Australia's most successful cement manufacturers and lime quarries and is now apparently heritage listed, so some of the buildings will be maintained and repurposed. There are many options and ideas for was is going to be built here, but they will be finalised once all the mines and unsafe buildings have been filled and knocked down (apparently my favourite building on the whole sit is getting knocked down due to it being unsafe). After some reading, it seems as though the town was pretty much built up due to this place, which wasn't always a cement factory but it was the heart and soul of this little country town, so hopefully the new development can breathe some new light into the town, which is in the middle of no where haha.

So why was this place so amazing, cause it had a bit of everything (except graffiti), and it was huge and the buildings were beautiful. The building that caught my eye from the closed pub that deprived us of a much deserved beer, was a huge warehouse like building with huge beautiful windows and doors and just some stunning architecture. Although when i went back this wasn't the first building i explored, but it was at the top of my to see list.

We entered a building at the far end which was open, exposed rafters and even a railway running right through the middle. At the end was stacks of cement bags and even a stack of enamel lights that looked like they have never been fitted and other random junk.
After walking outside the other end of this building, it was then we realised how big this place was, and we ventured into the next area which had all sorts of crazy cement related machinery/loading stuff (not too knowledgable on the process of cement making) and then we found a rad old pick up trucks, back of a cement truck, a truck and all sorts of other interesting things like type writers and time sheets and signs, not to mention some awesome doors and architecture (yeah I'm a bit of an architecture nerd).

And then we reached the building that was what i had been waiting for, and it didn't disappoint. It looked as though it was used for loading, a huge crane system/hoist ran along the roof, different platforms all around with all sorts of dials and levers and other random machinery. Then some epic windows that let in some awesome light for photos. This place would of been epic for a photoshoot for cars or bikes! Unfortunately from what i have read this is one of the buildings to be torn down, hopefully not though as it's truely beautiful.

Dotted around the property are countless other buildings and houses, we ventured into some and left others. One that we did go into was what looked like an old warehouse that had an eclectic mix  of junk in there from a vintage Tooheys can (that i wanted to take but left for others to enjoy), the grill off a ford truck, some sort of compressor and even what looked like a delivery book, it was full of random treasures. it did have a little bit of graffiti on the back wall, someone telling Allan to f**k off, not sure what Allan did but that was pretty much the only graffiti on the whole place (bar one cock and balls on one of the silos, there always seems to be a cock and balls at 99% of abandos).

There was also another building which was offices, toilets and meeting rooms etc that had more random crap through them as well from razor wire to plans to hazmat like suits and even some nifty old school kitchen ovens and stuff. As we were running out of time we only quickly explored this but I'm sure there were many more interesting things to see.

This place was huge, and it was clean and great and its been hard keeping it to myself for two years, but places like these are rare and its only now that development is under way that I feel ok to post this. Still to this day one of my favourite explores.

WHAT: A former cement factory with huge quarry. Opened in 1890's and shut down about 100 years later. It was one of Australia's most successful cement manufacturers and lime quarries.

ACCESS - MEDIUM (in 2014): When I went there were no holes in the fence that i could see and the fence ran right around the huge lot, but the gate at one end was pretty much open. Now a days i have heard its locked tight and the buildings are also fairly well locked up (if they are still standing).

SECURITY - LOW-MEDIUM (in 2014): The town that this is situated in is pretty small, the town pretty much (from what I have read) was built cause of this factory. Once you are inside it's pretty easy to stay out of site. Getting in if the gate wasn't practically open would of opened up the chance of getting caught getting over the fence as there isn't much cover. Now though i would rate it as high from what i have heard. workers are there and apparently security has been stepped up.

INTEREST - 8/10: It still is one of my favourite adventures to date. When I went it was a wonderland of awesomeness...cement trucks, old cars, not really any graffiti and loads of cool old bits and bobs lying around. We explored for hours and i could of spent more time there. a few buildings to check out, also loads of houses abandoned in the same lot (which i didn't have time to look at) and just lots of random stuff that was super cool.

ALONE OR WITH A FRIEND: You could go alone, there doesn't seem to be any real dangers, but adventures are always more fun when you can share them with someone.

DANGERS: The place when I went was relatively safe. Some walls and structures I wouldn't of climbed on, but overall it looked sweet.

Disclaimer – The person referred to as “I” in this post is not necessarily me, nor does “I” refer to anyone in particular, likewise with the word 'we' 'my' 'me' etc. I will not be held responsible it anyone ventures to these locations and gets in trouble or injured. These words may be a ramble of useless information and the photos found on a lost usb picked up in the gutter? Who knows?

And place don't ask where this is or how to get in, its called urban exploration, as a wise man once said on instagram "if you are told the location and how to get in, its tourism not exploration"


  1. looks great thanks tim, when will it be torn down?

  2. Dear Tim,

    I was wondering if you have thought of exploring abandoned theme parks in Sydney?

  3. I know this site well. Been in a couple of times and plan on going back. Went by last week to check the status and unfortunately part of it is gone with more to be demolished at any time.

    I've never seen any other night photos of the site, besides my own, but day ones are good too. Some really good patinas and shapes.

  4. What is the location

  5. Some bloody dickheads have burned it down.

    1. Jks wrong one, they burned down the st johns orphanage


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