No tight clothing for Roy - Abandoned Nursing Home

So I have been trying to find out a bit about this place and there isn't much online, there is a lot a out the new building that's next to it but not much on this place.

Originally this building was a hospital for the treatment of patients (including children) who had tuberculosis and were not released from here until they were cured. Patients were often taken here against their will which makes me think some pretty dark shit went down inside these walls. It was like a little self sufficient community here though, they did all their own farming, cooking, baking, washing etc. The Sanatorium closed for TB patients in 1958 but was later reopened as a hospital for patients with chronic diseases or diseases of the ages.

In the early 1990's it then became a nursing home for the frail and aged which had services like general care for the elderly, rehabilitation, respite care and even the operation of a small hostel.

I can't actually find exact dates on when this closed and the new one opened, but hopefully i can find out more and add to this entry.

I visited this place about 9 months ago when coming home from another adventure, and I had some spare time and was driving past it so I thought i'd pop in for a quick look. It's pretty easy to miss, tucked away off a main street and its easy to just see the new nursing home next to it and miss this place, which sits kind of down a hill (and makes it a little more hidden from nosey neighbours).

Getting in was no problem, take your pic on what hole you want to go through and then pretty much the whole place is open. It's not the most exciting of explores i have done, there isn't much left in the main building but chairs and some terrible graffiti that was done by illiterate teens, but some of the rooms still make for some really nice photos. There were a couple of random bits and pieces that were nice or gave us a bit of a chuckle.

There's a couple of rooms/sheds out the back of the main building worth a look, had an assortment of weird things, including a motorbike engine, a beautiful old Singer sewing machine and of course some porn mags for the 80's. It looked as though someone may of been squatting here at some pint, but looked like they had moved on when we were there.

Information on the history of this site is a little scarce, as is the future of it. I think it will sit there and rot away to be honest and then maybe one day the newer nursing home might knock it down and expand...but I don't see that happening anytime soon. In the mean time it will continue to be abused by bored teens and copper strippers trying to make a quick buck.

WHAT: Originally a Sanatorium that opened early 1900's for TB suffers, but in 1950-60's it was changed into a nursing home. I can not seem to find when it ceased operation but I think it may of been around the 2000's.

ACCESS - EASY: When I went there were multiple holes in the fences all around the place. They may of been patched up but when I went they looked like they had been there for a while.

SECURITY - LOW-MEDIUM: There is a near by hospital or retirement home or something that has a steady flow of traffic going to it. If you can avoid these people once you are in you should have no troubles

INTEREST - 5/10: It's not a bad explore, but there is nothing that blows your mind either It's a pretty big building and there is a few other little buildings dotted around the site as well. You can stumble across a few cool things still like old sewing machines and some cool empty rooms and funny graffiti.

ALONE OR WITH A FRIEND: You could go alone, there doesn't seem to be any real dangers, but adventures are always more fun when you can share them with someone.

DANGERS: The place when I went was pretty safe, the usual broken glass and a couple of the buildings has asbestos warnings. In all though the buildings seemed pretty stable


  1. Where is it? i know that you seem to not give out the location publicly for some reason so any chance you could email it to me at

  2. Replies
    1. not sure if you are new to this blog but locations are given out to anybody...

  3. Really want to explore this place but worried about asbestos.. does anyone know if all the buildings contain it or are some safe to explore?

    1. It has asbestos so best to wear a mask. Some of the small building surrounding have warning signs saying so

    2. pretty safe as far as i could see when i went. don't go smashing walls up and you should be alright as thats what'll stir the particles into the air...i didn't see many warnings either

  4. This place was amazing. There's a furnace underneath the building but I couldn't find a way down there... And some of the door were locked... There's also surrounding buildings into the bush that they use to send the patients that weren't going to make it and there's also the graveyard

  5. I wish i wasn't stuck in a wheelchair

  6. Cannot find any location on Google, if anyone has the location can you please send me an email, thanks.

  7. hey i was wondering if i could email you about your websites and some abandoned places in general, im doing an art assignment and would love your assistance. please email me at

  8. can I have the address please:

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  11. Hi i was just wondering if you could send me the address to this and a few other places in and around the sydney area, me and my wife love to explore these places.

  12. Please send me address or this and all sydney ones if your available,, as me and my mates are in adventure mode

  13. I have visited all these places so far and would love some new locations done a few more than what is listed here if we can swap locations that would be great :)




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