The Burnt Out Brescia Warehouse

Not a far drive from Sydney CBD, sitting on the side of a main road is the skeleton of a former Brescia Furniture showroom and warehouse, that was victim to a huge fire in 2005. The building went up in flame in one of the most intense and worst fires in Sydney's history and took apparently over 900 firefighters to put the raging blaze out (apparently it was so hot firefighters couldn't spend any longer then 4 minutes at a time fighting the fire). With a combination of wood, varnish, leather and a plethora of other flammable materials all stocked together under one 30 year old roof,  it's no wonder the place went up like a jerrycan on a campfire.

So now it sits on a huge block of land, slowly falling victim to nature that's gradually finding a way to grow inside the concrete shell. The fence surrounding the block is in nearly as bad of condition as the building, with sections propped up by concrete blocks, and large sections of the fence riddled with holes of all shapes and sizes.

Once inside you'll immediately see how big this place is, especially for a furniture store. All that remains is any part of the building that was concrete, so no walls or furniture, just floors, main walls and support pillars. Graffiti artists have done their best to bring some life to the grey monstrosity with some nice colourful pieces sprayed up on the walls, but a lot of these have been tagged and ruined by little punk kids who stole a few spray cans from daddys shed.

It's not the most interesting of places to explore, but you can still stumbled across some cool random things like old stuffed toys, an 80's exercise bike with a ghetto rigged fan to cool you down as you workout in your delightful surroundings and an interesting selection of scattered clothing can really get creative and try and figure out a story to why all the random shit is around.

So not the most exciting place in Sydney to explore but worth a visit if you're in the area or have nothing else to do.

WHAT: An old furniture warehouse/shop that suffered a fire in early 2005

ACCESS - EASY: There are multiple ways to get in, you can be tough and jump the small fence, or you can just wander around and find a weak spot in the hole riddled fence

SECURITY - LOW: It's on a main road but there's decent coverage and to be honest I don't think anyone really cares anyways.

INTEREST - 4/10: It's not amazing in here to be honest, there isn't much to see but some cool graffiti and some random things dotted around the place. The graffiti is probably the main draw as the contrast between the grotty grey of the building and the bright splashes of colour from the graffiti is rather nice. But a lot of the nice stuff has been ruined by little twats tagging over it. Would love to see a big graf crew go and paint the hell out of this place. You can get some cool moody light in here as well at the right time of day.

ALONE OR WITH A FRIEND: You could go alone, its open and pretty solid, but if you don't watch your step you may walk off the edge or down the stairs which is just like a hole in the ground.

DANGERS: None really, well there are no barriers of fences from the second floor but seriously if you walk off it you are an idiot. There's some pigeons in there so if you are afraid of them maybe think twice about going. And the ladder going to the roof, not recommended, i tried and one of the rungs snapped so I gave up before i plummeted to my death.


  1. You took a picture of my graffiti

  2. Replies
    1. Actual locations aren't given out says it on the about page...but if you did a quick google search like i did it'll take like 5 seconds to find it

  3. Googled it, found what suburb and what road it is on. But does anyone wanna help me to find an exact address?

  4. Does this site still exist?

    Looking on google maps, it seems like there's a Fantastic Furniture megamall there now...

  5. It's still there, corner of Parramatta Rd and Bland Street.

  6. Does anyone know abandoned tall towers???

    1. Wangi power station has some chimney stacks?

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  9. If you want to look it up on google maps type in 220 Parramatta Road, Ashfield NSW 2131.

    There is a huge construction area around it which is not shown on the map.

  10. This burning down warehouse made me remember my Italian Furniture Store whict burns severely and all the furnuture are burnt down like ashes.

  11. Went here today, WestConnex is building around it and everything is blocked off.

  12. its on main road of ashfield. Westconnext is blocke doff everything is currently on contruction. Its gonna be knocked down son ;(

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