Revisiting the Dunlop Slazenger Factory

I was having a bit of a day adventuring with a mate and we had been to a few places but the day was still young, so we decided to take a ride back to the old favourite, the Dunlop Slazenger factory. It's been years since I have been here and I had heard on the grape vine that access was easier then before and the dogs were no longer boarding inside, so we thought lets go to spot number three for the day.

I loved this place in it's hay day, it was the first place I really checked out and it sparked my interested in abandoned places, so I was interested to see if it was the same old place, or if it had had a facelift or been demolished or what it was being used for, as there were rumours it was home to a bunch of cars, some people said it was getting refitted, and some said shit all, was the same grimy dump as always...they were all wrong.

The roof has been removed off most areas, the trash has been cleaned up, there were no cars, not even the one that had resided inside for years and years, the asbestos offices had been removed and overall it was a lot emptier and cleaner then I had ever seen it.

It gave the place a whole new light, normally a pretty dank and dark place, now flowed with an abundance of light, the smell of stagnant water and mouldy piles of clothes and shit no longer stand the nostrils, it felt like the place had had a makeover, although it really just had a hectic spring clean!

If you're in the area and feeling nostalgic swing by and check it out! There is some quality artwork in there at the moment also which is always nice to see.

WHAT: It's still the same abandoned warehouse and workshop owned by the sports equipment company Dunlop Slazenger.

ACCESS - EASY-MEDIUM: It's possible to get in a few ways, they may change a bit and some may get fixed, but there are some easy options, and some obvious but dangerous ones.

SECURITY - MEDIUM: This is one of the big changes since my last visit here years ago, security seems to be relaxed off and there are definitely no dogs anymore. Police are rumoured to patrol the area/drive by but they can't see inside from doing a lap of the block. I did drove past on a weekend and there were workers in there randomly, maybe this means the end, but i doubt it as it's been looking like the end for so long that I don't think the end is really coming for the ole Dunlop Factory.

INTEREST - 8.5/10: I'm going to give it the same rating as before, although it feels and looks like a completely different place now, its clean, and open and the roof is missing which leaves some beautiful steel beams in sections and light just floods in. Unfortunately the old car is gone, as is some of the machinery and the top floor is no longer a sea of spray cans but a lot of cool stuff is still around and if there are puddles (which unfortunately when went there wasn't) but if there are, you can get some amazing shots using the combination of puddles, graffiti and no roof!

ALONE OR WITH A FRIEND: Either. Fine to go alone in my experiences and always fun to take a friend. In my last couple of visits we have just run into some kids exploring and also some people doing some model shots. There is a mirror disco ball hanging from a rafter so maybe it's a good place to disco!

DANGERS: The asbestos looks like it's been removed, as there are no more asbestos riddled walls or roofs anymore, the place is pretty much steel and concrete. 90% of the junk has been removed so no rolling your ankles on spray cans, and no real debris to trip of and get shanked by.

Disclaimer – The person referred to as “I” in this post is not necessarily me, nor does “I” refer to anyone in particular, likewise with the word 'we'. I will not be held responsible it anyone ventures to these locations and gets in trouble or injured. These words may be a ramble of useless information and the photos found on a lost usb picked up in the gutter? Who knows?

And place don't ask where this is or how to get in, its called urban exploration, as a wise man once said on instagram "if you are told the location and how to get in, its tourism not exploration"


  1. exactly what date did you visit because ive heard this got knocked down last year

    1. about two months ago…i drove past yesterday…its still definitely there in all its grimy glory

  2. I visted this on the 30/6/15. It still stands but for not much longer. It is now a construction site and i believe will be demo'd soon.
    If your going just try and dodge the workers in there. We got kicked out, old mate wasnt happy

    1. Are there workers in there currently?

    2. i think so…i went on a weekend and there wasn't…but there were plenty of signs that it was being torn down including an area locked up with what looks like heavy machinery in there

  3. I went in there today to climb through the canal to find the place crawling with construction workers, sorry guys demo will start as of tomorrow!!! Dunlop factory is now gone forever!

  4. omfg that sucks i really wanted to explore this place after my finals.. o well
    rip factory

  5. Factory is gone (Jan 2017)

  6. Location:15 Bowden St, Alexandria New South

  7. The significant changes at these places pleased with their appearance. The overall atmosphere has become much nicer and more interesting for the visitors.




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