Out of gas - Abandoned Gasworks

This site was once a gasworks that operated in conjunction with two neighbouring councils. It operated for nearly 100 years from the late 1800's to the late 1900's.
I* choose not to disclose the cities due to keeping this location unknown, as too many sites are getting destroyed or ruined by shitty tags and young retards smashing shit up. This site is relatively clean for being abandoned for so long, and i wouldn't want it getting destroyed by anything other then the elements.

I can say the location is pretty out of the way and not somewhere you would stumble upon, which I think helps to its cleanliness, and when i say cleanliness i mean lack of graffiti, as inside the main building its dirty as shit with some sort of coal like rock everywhere.

The site is a substantial size, the main building is separated into two section, one an open area with piping and other bits and pieces that doesn't take long to look around but you can discover a few cool little things and get some good photos. The second part of the building is where the money is at, it's huge, well by huge i mean tall and lots of levels.

The ground level is nothing special and just some crap lying about, but as you scale the stairs and get further up your eyes get treated to some more visually pleasing areas. The levels vary from rusty platforms and oven looking doors, to open spaces with heavy machinery and right up the top to a conveyor belt style lift system that goes from top of the building right to the ground.

Keep your eyes open on the adventure up as its easy to miss some of the little details that are still intact, like unbroken gauges and valves and old steel pressed numbers that in normal abandos would've been taken or smashed. Once you get to the very top, don't get too close to the edge as there is no railing or protection from you falling out and straight to a date with a rusty roof, and most likely your death.

As well as the main building, there are some other lovely old tanks, gas valves and random structures around that are really nice to photograph, and there are also a couple of little house like buildings too, which have a few cool things to check out in them.

It definitely was a worth while site to visit and spent a good couple of hours there, if it wasn't for the thunder storm brewing we probably could've stayed longer, but walking around a tall metal structure in the middle of no where in an electrical storm doesn't sound like my idea of fun.

WHAT: An old abandoned gasworks that been out of uses since around 1990.

ACCESS - EASY: It's as simple as walk around the perimeter and find a hole in the fence...

SECURITY - LOW: There isn't much around here, a cricket oval and train track, and the occasional car driving by but to be honest i don't think anyone can really see in even when driving past unless you are right at the front.

INTEREST - 8.5/10: It was pretty cool, like mentioned it was relatively untrashed (by that i mean by human hand not nature) and there are some pretty cool things to check out and some nice big heavy machinery and gas tubes etc.

ALONE OR WITH A FRIEND: It felt safe enough to go in alone, the stairs and platforms all feel nice and sturdy, but in saying that it's a bit in the middle of nowhere so if you did hurt yourself, you might be in a bit of bother. It didn't feel creepy and I don't think you'll run into anyone else there. you could take your lover and get a pretty sweet sunrise/sunset view from the top if watching sunsets from rusty abandoned buildings is your thing.

DANGERS: Not really…a bit of glass about but nothing huge, everything is pretty rusty except the handrails and stairs (which is handy) and the floors didn't really sag or feel sketchy. I probably wouldn't smoke in there just incase there is some gas about or leaks and you end up levelling the place by lighting up (which I highly doubt would happen).

Disclaimer – The person referred to as “I” in this post is not necessarily me, nor does “I” refer to anyone in particular, likewise with the word 'we'. I will not be held responsible it anyone ventures to these locations and gets in trouble or injured. These words may be a ramble of useless information and the photos found on a lost usb picked up in the gutter? Who knows?


  1. Great photos! I know where this place is, and I'm honestly surprised it's still in such good condition (all things considered). Might have to make a stop there before it becomes too well known.

    Keep up the rad work, dude!

  2. Kinda looks like the one at bathurst.

  3. Is this still around and easy to access?

  4. its easy to figure out... You can find most of these places with a bit of research on google.

  5. Yea Bathurst been there many times taking photos its not big but when there aint that much around anymore you take what you can get.
    It used to be hassle free but now security is tight police and security get very nasty about going to these places

  6. There was another place at Bathurst not that far from the gas works
    Not sure if its still there or not i think it was a milk processing factory
    Was in a semi derelict condition when i went there

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  9. The place is very gloomy and radiates heavy energy. I do not think I would like to visit it.

  10. A large area of construction allowed the use of the plant for its intended purpose. Here we can still meet the necessary systems for the operation of gas equipment.

  11. Looking on these pictures I got chills. This big mechanisms which worked long time ago are dead now. Thinking, about how many people worked there, who those people were, did they have children, family or what their lives were like, makes me undersatand that the life is going on and never stops.

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