Abandoned Australia on instagram!

I've finally decided to get an instagram account for this blog as there are so many photos to share and not enough blog space, so i'll be posting up pics from the blog and any other places i stumble across as frequently as i can.

So find and follow me @abandoned_australia on instagram
(only a couple of photos up at the moment but this will change soon!)


  1. hey man, gonna tell us the locations?

    1. Locations won't be published on here…a lot of the time names will also be changed unless they are well known places which a bit google work you could find the locations…its called Urban Exploration not Abandoned Tourism :)

  2. is it ok for me to ask for some abandoned locations in syd?
    i need it for my hsc art major work T___T




This is a site for all the urban explorers and abandoned structure loving people out there. This is a place where I will share the places I have been to and seen with like minded folk. If there are any spots I haven't put up here and you think are worthy, drop me a line!

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