Vehicle Graveyard

A few weeks ago I was out around the Blue Mountains area and while driving I passed a beautiful old gas pump and shabby looking building, which automatically grabbed my attention! So I pulled over to take some snaps of the lovely old pump (I love old gas pumps as they are so rare these days) and tried to look inside the shed behind, but i think it may still be in use as there was a lot of stuff in there, and it was locked tight!

But all around the shed, to the side and out the back, the dirt car park like area was littered in beautiful old trucks, cars and machinery! Some old trucks I have never seen before just sitting there to rust away and be overtaken by nature.

I was limited to a quick 10 minutes of walking around and rapid snapping as my wife was in the car and dying for one of Bilpin's famous apple pies (which are epic), so I didn't get a full chance to explore the area and as you can see, i took a lot of photos of the Commer, but there looked to be more then 20 old unused automobiles and machinery just lying around, as well as a big open sided shed out the back also. My photos don't show much variety of the machinery there, and I was slightly obsessed with the old petrol pump!

WHAT: Not 100% sure, but looks like an old gas station and automotive repair area? Or possibly just a vehicle graveyard

ACCESS - EASY: It's on the side of the road and they are cars just hanging about, couldn't be much easier.

SECURITY - LOW: Again it's just on the side of the road, there's no security etc. But there may be someone working in the shed so don't go smashing up the beautiful old cars, cause that's just lame and ruins it for the rest of us.

INTEREST - 4/10: If you like old cars and rusted machinery you'll appreciate it. If you prefer graffiti covered buildings then this won't be for you. I wouldn't drive all the way to Bilpin to check it out, but if you're up that way you might as well swing by on your way to devouring a delicious apple pie!

ALONE OR WITH A FRIEND: Whatever floats your boat. It's safe and open, and isn't huge so you wouldn't spend hours lurking around here, so you could do what I did and leave you wife, husband, partner, children or dog in the car for ten minutes (make sure the windows are down!) and have a little explore yourself, or go with a mate and explore a bit more then I did.

DANGERS: Nothing, except possibly cutting yourself on a rusty car or tripping over your own feet if you're uncoordinated.


  1. Gas pump? Gas station? I thought this was an Aussie blog, not a yank one.

  2. Not being brave enough to visit some of your other sights, I picked this one as a cherry popper. Took a bit of finding, but there are enough clues in your post ;)

    It looks like it's no longer that abandoned unfortunately. There is a site-managers shed now on site, as well as 3-4 dump trucks parked up around back and a pile of tar presumably used for re-tarring roads in the area. I ran into some guy "checking everything was ok" in his ute, but he was cool with me taking pics. Later, two random old guys opened up the main shed and were yakking away giving me weird looks.

    The variety of vehicles as not that high but still enough - don't know if they have shifted some out for their trucks out back...

    Still excellent find mate, really appreciate you sharing. Great site!!

  3. Replies
    1. As of dec16, in a state of disrepair. The aforementioned construction company has made a bit if a mess if it from when I went 2yrs back. Some trucks have been moved and there is a lot more activity there too.

  4. Yea i know this place too have also photograped it Bilpin road
    If i remember correctly it has a saw mill out back or that might be next door
    Was there about 2005

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  15. does anyone know the exact location of this place ?




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